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We are always very appreciative of the thoughtful feedback we receive.  Please feel free to visit our 'Get in Touch' page and send a message.

"Krystle was amazing, she surpassed my expectations and made the perfect wedding cake.  She was so helpful in suggesting ideas, and making exactly what I wanted."  On top of looking pretty, the cake tasted so good!  Also, at the taste testing, she was so friendly and made us so many samples!  I couldn't have asked for a better wedding cake or experience.  :)"


"Krystle was extremely helpful through out the entire process.  She provided the guidance that my husband and I needed in choosing, not only the cake flavors, but also the design.  By sitting down with us and listening to us go on about our vision for our big day, Krystle was able to provide us with a cake design that spoke volumes.  Our guests raved; our parents were elated and everyne wanted to know where we found this amazing baker.  Thank you Krystle for being sucha a huge part of our day."

Angela and Andrew

"Dessert by Design really listened to what I visualized for my cake; providing examples and hand-drawn visuals to make sure we were on the same page.  She also checked in with me proactively instead of waiting for me to make decisions and contact her last minute, or possibly even too late (wedding planning makes a person scatterbrained!!).  Aside from the appearance of the cake being spectacular, it was one of the best cakes I have eaten!  All of my guests had nothing but praises and my husband and I couln't get enough!  She is a very personable woman, which makes it easy to ask silly questions - who knew so much went into making the perfect cake?! - and I was so confident, I didn't feel worried about the final result, which was one less stress on my plate.  I would, and do, recommend Dessert by Design to everyone - even as far away as Kitchener!"

Stacy and Adam

"Krystle is so talented!  Her creativity knows no bounds.  Myself, my husband and all wedding guests were very pleased with the display of various desserts and quality :).  I highly recommend Krystle to everyone I know."