Cake Shops to Consider In Canada

Gone are the days when you would enter into a bakery shop and pick any cake. Today you have the opportunity of placing an order of your kind. Yes! You can have your cakes customized and appreciate whoever uniquely. Not all bakers shop will do the trick. But here as some in Toronto, Canada that will not disappoint.

Bake Shoppe

Although physically small, this is one of the shops to go to for customized cakes. It is popular for the creation of cheeky cakes that comprise decorated writings. The shop is also excellent when it comes to the baking of cakes resembling ice cream cones, unicorns, and umbrellas. What’s more interesting is that you can have your cake and have them do the decorative writings. So check this place out!


We live in wanting health times. However, this does not mean you should stop taking cakes. You can take healthy, customized cakes and in no other place but Cakestar. This shop creates Gluten-free vanilla and chocolate cakes. They offer various filling choices from banana, pina colada, chocolate mint, butter rum to the strawberry milkshake, among others. You only have to ensure that you make your order two weeks before the collections. This is to allow ample time for its baking and satisfactory work.

Yummy Stuff

You cannot go wrong with something that titles as yummy. This cake shop befits its title in every aspect. It bakes cakes that use premium ingredients that are responsible for the sweetness. Also, the ingredients take a lot of time for them to serve the purpose. Therefore, consider ordering your customized cake from them at least two weeks earlier. The good thing is that you can ask for any design from the shop. This is because they bake cakes that resemble unicorns, pizza, bunnies, or a diving mermaid’s tail.

Don’t get stuck again while you have these shops to choose from in Toronto.