How to Order a Custom Cake

Why go for a store brand cake when you can have something special, whether it’s an intimate birthday party or a huge corporate event. Custom cakes are all you need to make your event memorable. The best thing with today’s bakers is they can make a cake look like anything.

So feel free to let your imagination take flight as you plan your next event. Keep these few things in mind when you’re ready to make your order:

Search for a Local Baker Online

These days, every business has to maintain a website or a social media presence. Such platforms are an ideal place to start searching for a baker. Most custom cake bakers include photos of their work to make it easy for you to gauge their skills. Take your time and look at as many bakeries as you can find. Finally, you can settle on the best.

Find the Bakery’s Phone Number

Take note of the phone numbers of the bakeries as you scheme through their websites. Ensure you write each on paper to create a short contact list. This will help you get the best price and service. Some bakeries have multiple outlets.

Hash Out the Finer Details

Once you settle on the best bakery, you can start going over the details of the cake. Look at a few pictures and consult your friends as you try to come up with the best cake design.

Call the Baker

Call the baker and explain how you’d love to have your cake. Be as specific as possible. Don’t be afraid to haggle over the price and other details. You can text them pictures of what you’d want so that they can have all the correct information.

Confirm Your Order

Confirm when the order will be ready if they run a delivery service, and how much everything will cost. Ensure they have an outlet close to your neighbourhood if they don’t deliver.