Top Themes for Birthday Cakes

Cutting into a birthday cake is one of the best gifts one can receive each year. It’s not just licking the tasty frosting or biting into the tender glazed center. It’s about having a cake that shows the birthday boy/girl is loved and cherished.

The best thing with cakes these days is they can come in any shape or size. This allows you to let your imagination run wild as you build a theme around a cake. Here are some theme ideas to explore.

Vegas Style

There’s something magical about Vegas. However, no one speaks about that place. This is especially true with people that like to try their luck with online casino games on the Gaming Posts even at their birthday parties. Distract such players from their games with cakes inspired by themes from online gaming posts. Maybe they’ll also let you in on the secret to their success.


Cupcake themes are growing in popularity. This design takes many cupcakes and uses them to form the numbers of the birthday boy/girl’s age. Such cakes also make divvying up the cake easier. Guests can also take cupcakes home in little party bags.

Piñata Cakes

Nothing hides tasty surprises like a piñata. Such cakes have a chocolate dome that conceals another cake, treats or gifts underneath them. They also come with a novelty hammer that can be used to bash the cake or tease other guests.

Comic Character Cakes

Comic book characters appeal to birthday boys/girls of all ages. They can inspire the recipient to face the next year with the same courage as their favourite hero. Please ensure you consult the birthday boy/girl before making an order.

Adult Themed Cakes

Even naughty grown-ups deserve a memorable birthday. You can explore romantic ideas like heart-shaped cakes or hide little messages in the frosting. The idea is to have a theme loaded with innuendos that send cheeky messages to get the party started.