What is Sugar Paste?

Sugar paste is an edible sugar dough that is used for decorating cakes and making decorative figures. Sugar paste is usually made using water, sugar, gelatine and glycerine. It is colored by food coloring or can be used with its natural color. Recipe seems very easy and basic but consistency is so important while making sugar paste.

Sugar paste is easy of access. You can find in any pastry shop, also order as online from different websites. It is selling in boxes and has different color options. Sugar paste is quite long lasting pastry item and should be kept in proper conditions. You should never keep it in fridge or freezer. Room temperature is ideal preserving condition for sugar paste. Wrap with plastic stretch film and put it in airtight food box. You can heat it in microwave for couple of minutes to get soft.

What are the uses of sugar paste?

You can cover cakes, cookies or cupcakes with sugar paste or shape and make decorative figures. It is hard making figures for beginners. Using cookie molds is very ideal for basic figures like leaf, star, heart, flower, letters, numbers.

Is it possible to make homemade sugar paste?

Yes, it is. You need to be careful about its consistency.

Homemade Sugar Paste

1 large egg

200 gram caster sugar

1 tablespoon of honey

Food coloring (gel or powder form)

Tips: Gel food coloring is most convenient for homemade sugar paste.

Whisk egg white with honey until sof peaks form. Add the caster suger till your sugar paste becomes a dough. Add food coloring drop by drop and knead from outside to inside for each drop. If the dough is sticky in coloring step, you can use small amount of starch. It’s ready to use for any sugar paste decoration.